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Hungry When Dieting? Read the Top 8 Tips to Fight the Hunger

Dieting and hungry? Short low-calorie diets are a popular choice amongst people who want to lose weight. These diets work well short term, but they are very demanding and take a lot of will-power because of the hunger. You will most likely feel extremely hungry when dieting, because the food consumed during the diet falls way below your daily calorie requirement. That naturally is the main reason why so many people fail in their attempts to lose weight. Hunger is hard to fight against.

These weight loss tips will help you fight the hunger and follow your diet to get the results you are after.

1. Choose the right diet plan
The short term diet plans are all pretty much the same. There is no magic behind them, so choose one which ingredients are something you like. It does not make much sense to get on the cabbage soup diet if you hate cabbage.  Choose something else.

2. Find the right time to go on a diet
Try to start the diet when there is nothing special happening: exam time, holiday season or your sister’s wedding will all make it way harder to stick to your diet (and the diet will probably ruin the fun anyway).

3. Be positive
If you do not believe in yourself, who will? Having a positive mindset will make a huge difference. Convince yourself that you can do it.

4. Think about the problems you have had in the past and how to overcome them
What was the hardest thing when you were last on a diet? How will you deal with the situation now? It will be easier to deal with the problematic situations if you have thought of a strategy beforehand. Did you realize, that reading these tips means you are already on your way to finding solutions: you want to know how to deal with the extreme hunger. What else might be a problem during when trying to lose weight quickly? If you have been suffering from the emotional eating disorder in the past, a low-calorie diet might not be the best choice for you. You might want to try intuitive eating instead.

5. Empty your house from treats
Do not have goodies hidden in your cupboards. Before starting a fast diet, take a look at the diet plan and buy all the ingredients at once. Do not visit the grocery during the diet.

6. Keep yourself busy
Make yourself a timetable for the diet days. Read a book. Fix the bike. Sort the pile of papers on the desk. Play a computer game. Go out for a walk. Do anything to keep your mind off eating. If you are following a low-calorie diet plan, try to avoid exercises to lose weight because you are eating so little at the moment.

7. Ask for help
Tell your family or friends what you are trying to achieve and ask them for support.

8. Do not cheat!
If you decide to start a short diet, the only person you are fooling by cheating is yourself. One good way to stick to your diet is to keep a food diary and write down everything (yes, EVERYTHING) you consume during the day. If you doubt your will-power, show your food diary every day to someone you trust.

These eight tips will help you deal with the hunger when going through one of the of the quick diets, like the 4 day wonder diet. Good luck, you can do it!

PS. If you are wondering how to diet and lose 20 pounds or more permanently, read the low-carb list article. It gives tips on how to lose weight with fat burning foods and enjoy all the benefits the carbohydrate conscious lifestyle can bring. A good low-carb cookbook will get you started with the food regime!

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