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No Sugar, No Flour Diet – Is It Any Good?

Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar(TM) Diet
Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar(TM) Diet
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The No Sugar, No Flour Diet (NSNF) is developed by Dr. Peter Gott. He recommends a diet, or more a lifestyle change where you don’t care about your daily calorie requirement. You get to eat to lose weight and not be hungry when dieting, as long as you leave all flour and added sugar off the table. You can still eat a balanced diet containing dairy, meat, vegetables, grains and fruits. There are no phases in the Dr. Gott diet plan. You just drop sugar and flour.

“What’s wrong with flour and sugar?”, you might ask. Flour and sugar are almost the same thing, since refined carbohydrates are turned into sugar in your body. They both provide empty calories, meaning that there are no nutrients in what you eat. There is something called the glycemic index (GI), which ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on your blood sugar level. Sugar is highly glycemic, which means that your blood sugar level skyrockets after you consume sugar, and the body starts to secrete high loads of insulin to get the blood sugar down. That leads to possible fat accumulation when the sugar is converted to fat. The fat is either burned in the organs, or stored. Insulin is the main hormone behind fat accumulation and also stops your body from burning any accumulated body fat. If your insulin level is always high, it is almost impossible to lose weight, no matter the weight loss systems used the amount of the exercises to lose weight done. Constantly high insulin levels can also make you sick.

Sugar is usually something that has been added, and there is just one word to describe it: unnecessary. Unfortunately sugar comes in many forms, and these foods are very cheap and addictive. That is why many food producers like to use them.

The same goes with flour. Refined flour is nothing but simple carbohydrates. When the flours are refined, they remove both the bran layer and the wheat germ, which are the most fiber-rich and nutritious parts. The refining is then topped by adding some preservatives and chemicals, which doesn’t help. . “Enriched flour” isn’t much better. It just means they have added some vitamins back (4 compared to the original 15). Refined flour is not healthy and you have to do quite a lot of work to avoid it, since it is also cheap and therefore liked by the food producers. White flour is also bleached. Imagine what that does to your body.

Some short lists for learning how to diet with the no flour, no sugar diet next:

No Flour No Sugar Diet Food lists

Foods made of flour and therefore to be avoided:

White bread, crackers, rice flour (cereals and rice noodles included), pasta (all pasta prepared dishes like lasagna), corn flour (cereals and tortillas included), white rice, wheat bread, cookies, pizza, bagels, cereals, donuts, muffins, dinner and sandwich rolls and croissants.

However, their whole grain counterparts, corn, potatoes and brown rice are allowed.

A list of sugars and sugary foods, also to be avoided:

Beet and cane sugar, everything ending with –ose (sucrose, maltose, glucose, lactose..), high fructose corn syrup, honey, molasses, maple syrup..

Cakes, ice cream, jams, brownies, candy, jellies, sweetened cereals, cookies, granola bars and chocolate.

Foods sweetened with no-calorie sweeteners are allowed. In Dr. Gott’s no flour no sugar diet he recommends sucralose and aspartame, but they are artificial sweeteners which can make you fat and sick, so I’d stay away from those. Stepping away from aspartame can actually be a fast way to lose weight and the best cellulite treatment there is! A good replacement is Stevia, a natural sweetener.

Gott has an idea that everything coming from whole foods is good for us, which is a great start towards a healthier diet. Unfortunately he has left starches and fruits untouched. The no sugar, no flour diet plan includes potatoes, corn and all the fruits. These foods provide natural sugar, but sugar nevertheless, which is something to be cautious about. He talks against low-carbohydrate diets but what he is doing is just another form of low-carb dieting. It just doesn’t go far enough. Out of all the fast weight loss tips out there, the most important one is to keep an eye on your sugar intake. All the foods which elevate your blood glucose level can make you gain weight and become ill, and that is especially the case with high-GI foods like

  • sweet or dried fruits (bananas, prunes, apricots, pineapple)
  • fruit juices
  • root veggies (potatoes, carrots)
  • foods which have been altered, like corn. Corn has been modified to become sweet, and now it is.

However, if you have been eating a lot of empty calories coming from sugar or flour and your body tolerates carbohydrates well, the no sugar, flour diet might work for you and you might lose weight quick after starting the diet. The no sugar, no flour diet is better than fast diets like the TWA stewardess diet or the 1000 calorie diet and it is approaching a method called intuitive eating, but it is still missing something. You will have to be prepared to do quite a lot studying to know which foods are acceptable and which are not.

My personal opinion is that if you want to learn a new lifestyle and remove sugar from your diet, you might as well do it properly and get all the benefits the low-carb regime has to offer. Read more about them on the low-carb list, or get yourself a good low-carb cookbook to get started. The diet may feel confusing in the beginning, but there are a lot of resources both online and offline to give you all the information you need. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right right away, just get started and learn more while dieting!

The low-carbohydrate food regimes offer the benefits of quick diets and provide fast fat loss while they help you to lose 20 pounds permanently (or more, if that is needed). Low-carb diets are also amongst the best home remedies for acne, they help to remove cellulite and can protect you from diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It goes without saying that the weight loss you can achieve with low-carb food regimes can prevent many health issues which have to do with obesity.

In a nutshell: the no sugar, no flour diet is a good start for a weight losing project. No flour, no sugar gives some decent weight loss tips, but if you are looking for the healthiest and easiest way to lose weight, consider a complete low-carbohydrate food regime instead. Here some examples:

How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds (Revised and Expanded Edition)
How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds (Revised and Expanded Edition)
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Living Low Carb: Controlled-Carbohydrate Eating for Long-Term Weight Loss
Living Low Carb: Controlled-Carbohydrate Eating for Long-Term Weight Loss
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Amazon Price: $1.70
New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great.
New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great.
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2 comments to No Sugar, No Flour Diet – Is It Any Good?

  • Mandi

    What an absolutely fantasic, informative article. I agree 100 percent. Thank you.

  • Helen

    This diet is a breeze to follow, far easier and healthier than a low carb diet, and it works. It is easy to eliminate flour and sugar when there are so many tasty and healthy choices available.

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