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The Best Cellulite Treatment: a Cellulite Brush

Choose the best cellulite brush for you

What is cellulite brushing?

The Best Cellulite Treatment you can do at home is Cellulite brushing, which is also called dry skin brushing or body brushing for weight loss. This technique has been used for decades, so is not a new cellulite treatment method. Dry brushing means brushing your skin with a brush or loofah sponge to improve the circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Dry brushing helps the body to eliminate toxins and it is said to make your immune system stronger. It is also the single best cellulite treatment. Many spas offer dry brushing, but you can easily do it yourself and get better results.

How does dry brushing help reduce cellulite?

Cellulite is formed when the fat cells just below the skin get stuffed with fat and waste which are normally supposed to be flushed out by the lymphatic system. Cellulite brushing helps break up these fat deposits and remove cellulite. It also brings oxygen and nutrients to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. Brushing removes dead skin cells and makes your skin soft and glowy!

What do I need for dry brushing?

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Get yourself a natural cellulite brush like a loofah sponge. You can get a brush with a handle if you want to, the handle helps reaching all parts of your body. Buy a softer brush or a flannel if you are planning to brush your face. These brushes are available pretty much at any shop which sells beauty products, and like most of the best cellulite treatments, they only cost a couple of dollars. Our bestselling cellulite brush is Phat QR Anti Cellulite Deep Tissue Massager.

How do I dry brush my skin?

Cellulite brushing is an easy anti cellulite treatment and it only takes some minutes of your time. It is best done before showering in the morning. Brush your feet first and work upwards to the legs, buttocks, stomach and chest. Then brush your hands and arms and finally the face. Brush with long strokes and always towards the heart because that’s the natural direction for the lymph to flow. Remember to be gentle in the areas where the skin is thinner and don’t use too much force in general. Dry brushing is supposed to feel nice.

What do I do after brushing?

Take a shower after cellulite skin brushing to wash the dead skin cells away. Then dry yourself by gently patting the skin with a towel, and apply skin moisturizer or cellulite cream if you want to. It is the perfect moment to massage the oils in, because the skin pores are open and the oils get absorbed quickly into the skin. If you suffer from dry skin, try rubbing extra virgin coconut oil on it. Wash your cellulite brush every now and then with soap and warm water and let it dry before using it. For best results, combine cellulite brushing with a fat burning diet. Make cellulite brushing a part of your daily routines to get the best of your cellulite treatment!

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